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Orthodontists and dentists prescribe treatments to correct a number of common problems. Many people may need orthodontic treatment to correct an “unsatisfactory bite” that has been caused by crowding teeth or extra teeth. Other people may need treatment to realign a jaw that is out of place due to genetics or due to an accident. Many patients want to correct one or more crooked teeth caused by thumb-sucking, premature or late loss of baby teeth, or a wide variety of other causes. Orthodontists and dentists can treat all of these issues!

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Clear Braces/Invisalign

Orthodontists and Dentists Brandon FL and orthodontists and dentist in Riverview prescribe clear braces for those with minor problems and fully grown mouths.

Orthodontists and dentists use traditional and clear braces to correct tooth crowding, crookedness, some types of jaw misalignment, along with overbites, under-bites and cross-bites. There are a variety of other orthodontic treatments that often go along with clear braces, such as retainers, headgear, palate reshaping treatments, etc.

Are You A Candidate For Clear Braces?

Clear braces/Invisalign are best for mild to moderate anomalies in the teeth and mouth. Traditional braces and other orthodontic treatments are best for more severe orthodontic issues. Also, clear braces are best for patients whose mouths are not growing anymore (some patients in their late teens and mostly all patients over 20 fall into this category).

If the mouth is still growing while braces are on, dentists and orthodontists prescribe traditional braces instead of clear braces. This means that clear braces are usually off limits to patients in their younger to mid-teens. Come see Dr. Hunt to see if you’re a candidate for clear braces!

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